Holiday Potpourri

  • Target takes an edgier approach in advertising to new moms
    Cute no longer cuts it.  New Target ad uses head, “I just had a 20-minute conversation with a stranger about nipples.”  Figuring out how to target (lower case) a narrow market can be tricky.
  • Sinclair and Time Warner fight over retransmission fees
    This is a fight that seems to be never ending.  Broadcasters want to be compensated for cable companies carrying their programming.  Cable companies say they are providing a service to broadcasters.  Viewers just want to be able to get all their local programming via cable or satellite.
  • Univision telenovela finale draws 7.3 million viewers
    Don’t doubt for a minute that Spanish-language broadcasting is becoming an important part of Americans’ media mix.  The final episode of Univision’s telenovela  Soy Tu Dueña drew an audience of 7.3 million.  That’s enough to win its timeslot in several urban areas and ranks it ahead of numerous programs on the Big Four networks.  Great example of Truth 3 – Everything from the margin moves to the center.
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