Video Commentaries for J406

Here’s a thread to post links to video commentaries you would like to show in class on Thursday.  I’ll embed a few of my own later today.

  • Fast Fix by Chris Cillzza of the Washington Post
    Commentary from the Post’s political blogger.  Can’t link to individual videos but there’s a good archive of them here.
  • Roaming Ginger on Procrastination

  • Jacki Chandler – A Car Accident

  • Story of LOST explained in three minutes with sticky notes
  • One from me on riding the bus
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2 Responses to Video Commentaries for J406

  1. Jeff Babl says:

    This was the first of a weekly series John Buccigross does for ESPN hockey. He calls this a vlogumn (video-blog-column) which is exactly what we are planning on doing for this assingment/class.

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