Global Car Commercials

I’ve had several interesting, sometimes controversial, commercials show up through my in-box the last few days.  Some old, some new.

Great examples to use in class either for teaching advertising or ethics (or both!).

They are also just a lot of fun.

Renault commercial for electric cars for New Zealand

Clever BMW ad?  Or hopelessly sexist?

Motorcyclists have been outraged over this ad for the Nissan Juke

This viral ad campaign has grabbed a lot of attention, but it also has been outraging motorcyclists with its message that cars  should be hunting down motorcyclists and try to kill them. (The campaign also has an ad that’s been praised for featuring a diverse cast in nighttime Berlin.)

Classic cruelty-to-animals Ford SportKa commercials

Ford has been generating attention for its European market SportKa with cruelty-to-animals themed commercials for at least five years.

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One Response to Global Car Commercials

  1. Mike Marn says:

    Can anyone possibly think these are funny? A car killing (or at least hurting) an innocent dog? A laugh riot. And such a meaningful way to point out a unique point of difference – gee, a sun roof. (And if anyone starts railing at the “liberal PC tone of my rant” they can go stick their own heads in a sunroof with my finger on the button.)

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