Link Ch. 3 – Re-imagined Disney Princesses

Because Halloween is coming up, and because I can….

You may remember a couple of years ago when illustrator Jefrey Thomas gave us an evil take on Disney princesses, such as Zombie Little Mermaid:

UPDATE: He did a second round of these drawings you can see here, including Maid Marian.  You can see Jeffrey Thomas’ full set of his Twisted Princesses on his Deviant Art page. You likely will need to log onto Deviant Art to see all the paintings.

Well, now we have kinder, gentler, prettier versions of computer composite illustrations from artist Jirka Väätäinen.  His take on the Little Mermaid:

Many more examples from other movies at the links.  Thanks to Nezeka Pfeifer for the link to the composite illustrations.  I fear I’m the one responsible for coming across the link to the evil versions…..

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