Tweeting, Tweaking & TNT

Three bits of media news that are worth posting but don’t really go together.

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  1. Aaron Wilson says:

    In response to the NBA lockout story, I feel that while the NBA is important to a lot of people, especially young males across the nation, there are enough sports going on during the late fall and winter seasons to keep them busy. The NFL is thriving after their lockout scare, and college basketball is always exciting, especially when winter turns into spring. There are plenty of ways for advertisers to reach out to young males without the NBA. While the television companies will be losing out on a ton of money this year and probably into next year as well, as long as college exists there will still be ways to make money from college football and college basketball games on television. In my opinion, college sports are more exciting than professional sports anyway, and when March rolls around, CBS, TNT, and ESPN won’t even remember that the NBA is in a lockout. While lots of money may be lost in the coming weeks, January through March and into April will certainly make up for it.

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