Three Degrees Separation: Jon Huntsman to Ron Paul to Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus

How can we connect Jon Huntsman to Ridley Scott’s  Alien prequel Prometheus in just three steps?  Well, it takes some serious stretching, but it can be done.

Follow the tortured logic:

Step 1: A New Hampshire based anti-Jon Huntsman ad is circulating on the Internet that claims to be from a Ron Paul group.  It’s fascinating to read the comments on this ad, which accuses Huntsman of having Chinese values rather than American values (He’s a former ambassador to China), that suggest that the ad was actually created by the Huntsman campaign to discredit the Paul campaign.  To me what makes this ad so fascinating is that it illustrates what we learned back in 2007 — that anyone with a source of video and a MacBook can create a professional-looking political ad.

Step 2: A Ron Paul spokesman answers questions on C-SPAN  about the Federal Reserve (which makes perfect sense for a Paul supporter).  He also declines to answer a question about a government coverup of contact with space aliens.

Step 3: There’s a new trailer out for Ridley Scott’s sort-of-Alien prequel that is being written by co-written by Lost’s Damon Lindelof, and it looks just too-cool-for words.  Of course you have to remember that I saw Alien at a 70mm theater on opening night back in 1979.

And so there you go: Jon Huntsman to Ron Paul, Ron Paul to government coverup of space aliens, gov’t coverup of space aliens to Ridley Scott’s sort-of-Alien prequel.  What other blog can give you this kind of service?

One more thing: I post a lot of videos up to my Tumblr blog:  Check it out.

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