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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What if a student pretended to have a Mexican accent for an entire semester of a speech class, and then revealed his real San Diego accent on the last day of class? What kind of stories spread the fastest on … Continue reading

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NY Times v. Guy Fieri – The News Value of a Brutal Review

You may have heard that last week New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells absolutely savaged Food Network host Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. The review, written entirely as a series of questions, suggests that … Continue reading

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Fighting Wars With Social Media – Israel v. Hamas

Wednesday afternoon I was working at putting the finishing touches on a guest lecture I was about to give on social media, and so I went looking for an up-to-date example. And here’s what I found…. Yes, that’s the official … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking – James Bond Edition

Is Skyfall the best James Bond movie so far? Rotten Tomatoes gives it 91 percent fresh critic rating, but some people think it veres a little too close to some recent action thrillers. Which leads to the next question: Is … Continue reading

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Stupid Advertising Client Tricks

Advertising agency professionals have always, I’m certain, wanted to complain about the stupid things clients say they want done.  But recently an Irish agency put together a poster exhibition based on the stupidest things their clients have ever said.  Below … Continue reading

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Presidential Victory and Concession Speeches

2008 was seen by many as a high point for presidential victory and concession speeches, with both candidates giving excellent messages. Here are the 2012 speeches from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Obama’s Victory Speech Romney’s Concession Speech

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Truth 6 – Activism and Analysis are not the Same Thing: Numerical analysis matters

Yesterday I posted a number of predictions from pundits about how the presidential election would turn out.  The best predictions did not come from the partisans, they came  from the number crunchers who took a hard look at what the … Continue reading

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Election Day Media World

Our pundits have spoken!  And today we get to find out what we the people have to say about how the election turns out. And that means tomorrow (I hope!) we get to judge how well the pundits did at … Continue reading

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Tumblr Blog Humanae Categorizes Skin Color as Pantone Codes

There is a fantastically cool Tumblr blog called Humanae that presents simple photos of people showing their skin (in a safe-for-work way) along with the Pantone code that describes the person’s skin color. (The background for each image also uses … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 3 – Disney buys LucasFilm, now owns Star Wars – Is that really such a bad thing?

So, Disney has bought out LucasFilm from George Lucas for $4.05 billion in cash and Disney stock and now owns the rights to Star Wars, a partial interest in the Indiana Jones series, Industrial Light and Magic special effects house, Skywalker Sound, … Continue reading

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