Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

And finally, did you notice the cool new graphic at the top of the blog from the fourth edition of Mass Communication: Living in a Medium World?
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2 Responses to Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

  1. Joan Bulliner says:

    Just a brief comment, to let you know that in your book, you mention Egypt as being in the Middle East, when in fact it is in Africa (North Africa). I have Egyptian students who recognized the error along with myself. Most times when the media mentions Egypt they place in in the Middle East. It’s as if being a country in Africa is looked down upon. And, as we know western civilian has never given ample credit for all the accomplishments of people of color throughout history.

  2. admin says:

    I just encountered the term MENA for the first time today, which stands for Middle East and North Africa. I can see where that would be a better term, though my understanding of the Middle East had always extended Morocco to Iran. Thanks for commenting!

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