George Carlin and Movie Trailers

In my Global Media Literacy class I’ve been showing and talking about several videos I’ve had around for some time. Thought I would share them with you this morning.

We’ve been talking about how movie trailers can set an emotional tone for a movie through the choice of clips being shown and the music that accompanies the clips as a way of illustrating the emotional dimension of media literacy.  So as pre-class video, we looked at a parody trailer of Pixar’s Cars 2 set to the music of the Ridley Scott scifi film Prometheus:

We then went on to look at what Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince would look like as a screwball teen comedy:

Finally, we talked about George Carlin’s move from being an incredibly edgy comedian with his Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television to host of Shining Time Station as an illustration of Truth #3 – Everything from the Margin Moves to the Center.

Needless to say, the the 7 Words clip contains lots and lots of NSFW language (unless your job is talking about video clips containing harsh language…)

George Carlin – 7 Words

George Carlin Remembers Shining Time Station

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