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Using this blog to help you teach

I’ve been asked by a couple of folks recently on how to use this blog to help teach your intro to mass comm/media literacy class.  That’s easy because the real reason I have written this blog since 2004 is that … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

And we’re back after a pause for getting fun things like taxes done. Is Nike getting what they want from the Tiger Woods “Winning” ad? (Ad Rants) How does the the 2013 movie box office compare to 2012’s at this … Continue reading

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Chapter 9 – Television Links

Here are several links I’ve been talking about during our television unit in Global Media Literacy. 8 Years Later – Supreme Court Declines to Take Up Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Case ESPN Puppets Explain TV Audience Ratings Mary Tyler Moore … Continue reading

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Kathleen Parker for my commentary students – 2013

My commentary and blogging students are reading Kathleen Parker for class this week.  She’s one of my favorite columnists because she is always challenging conventional labels.  No Dreaded Talking Points from Parker! Class (and everyone else) here are her Pulitzer … Continue reading

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How Univision is Making NBC Look Bad – What The Latest Ratings Tell Us

While I was growing up, when talking about television, we always talked about the Big Three broadcast networks: NBC, CBS, and ABC.  Sure there were the PBS stations out there, but they were small and non-commercial.  So no one really … Continue reading

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Media News Roundup

Hawaii passes Steven Tyler Act Would ban “unwanted photos or videos of others in private moments.”  Nice idea, but do celebs really get the right to say “pay attention to me now, but not now”? How Sen. Rand Paul used … Continue reading

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Mass Communication and Fear Readings

Next week I’m going to be guest lecturing in a class about the nature of fear.  So hear are several readings that deal with the notion of how we deal with fear and the media: George Gerbner on why we … Continue reading

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