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Continuing to Learn From Your Mistakes

F-bombing anchor A.J. Clemente lost his job at NBC’s Bismarck, North Dakota affiliate last week for his ill-advised comments on an open microphone.  But then his flub went viral on the Internet. So now he’s getting interviewed on NBC’s Today … Continue reading

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Learning From Your Mistakes – North Dakota Edition

So by now just about everyone has seen the video of A.J. Clemente having a really bad first night on the air at KFYR-TV in Bismarck, North Dakota.  The newly minted West Virginia broadcasting grad was reportedly practicing pronouncing the … Continue reading

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Video Blogging Examples for my Commentary Students

My Blogging and Commentary students are hard at work right now on their video blogging assignments, so I thought I would put up some links to work by former students from this class and also just some fun examples I’ve … Continue reading

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What a Media World Mess – News Misfires & Successes Covering Boston

Last week was not the best of weeks for the news media, both legacy and social.  There was a lot of good reporting going on, but there were also a number of high profile screw ups that happened on the … Continue reading

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Fred Rogers reminds us to “look for the helpers”

There is an old quote from children’s television host Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) that started spreading virally following the Newtown massacre in December.  It goes like this: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the … Continue reading

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Remembering Roger Ebert

“Roger Ebert loved movies. Except for those he hated” It was hard to get the news last week that Pulitzer Prize winning film critic Roger Ebert had died of cancer.  Just the day before he died, Ebert had announced on … Continue reading

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Are mandatory cable channel bundles good or bad for consumers?

There’s been a lot of talk lately as to whether some form of a la carte pricing on cable would be good or bad for consumers.  The idea here is that we get big bundles of channels from our cable … Continue reading

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How Did/Should Television Cover Kevin Ware’s Horrific Injury?

In 1999, my eldest son and I went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Milwaukee Brewers in a Fourth of July game.  I have no idea now who won, but I do remember seeing catcher Jason Kendall suffer a … Continue reading

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