Travels to China – Part 8: Pictures From a Trip

Over the last several blog posts, I’ve been choosing photos that help tell the story of my trip through China.  But for this final update on my week-long-plus expedition through China, my only goal is to highlight several photos that didn’t fit in with the my previous narratives.

(By the way, the title of this post is taken from the wonderful first-and-only novel by Tim Rumsey, Pictures From a Trip.  It’s long out of print, but readily available used from Amazon using the above link.)

Couples on bicycles

Couple on a bicycle

Bicycles are not as all-pervasive in China now as they were in leaner economic times. But you can still see couples riding together with the young man pedaling and the young lady riding sidesaddle on the luggage rack.

Yes, the fish are fresh

Fish tanks at restaurants

You really don’t have to worry much about how fresh the fish (or turtles) are at restaurants in China. Instead of taking your dinner out of a refrigerator, cooks are likely to pull your choice for the fish course out of a collection of live tanks. Ones such as this were everywhere in in the city of Guangzhou.

The Great Staircase

Stairs into the fog

When I visited the Great Wall near Beijing, I was surprised to see that it looked more like The Great Staircase than anything else. The steps headed off toward infinity in the endless mist.

Warning Sign on Great Wall #1

Sign from Great Wall

Good advice when you are standing on a tall stone wall. The locals have had centuries to work out this policy….

Warning Sign on Great Wall #2

Warning sign

I’m not completely clear on what I’m being warned about, but I’m taking it seriously. (All kidding aside, I know something about ‘brain disease’ has been lost in translation.) There is no question you have to be in good shape to get through much of this section of the Great Wall.

Tianamen Square Propaganda #1

Heroic revolutionary statue

I have to say, I find the classical Chinese statuary at Tianamen Square more compelling than the giant video wall pictured below.

Tianamen Square Propaganda #2

Tianamen Square video display

Along with the buildings, memorials and statuary, Tianamen Square also features a pair of giant permanent video screens currently playing a film promoting Shanghai as a tourist destination.

Scenes from an airport #1

Beijing Capital Airport

My last view of China was from the Beijing Capital Airport as I prepared to leave for the United States.

Scenes from an airport #2

Lincoln Airport

The contrast between my final air destination of Lincoln, Nebraska and the airports in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Beijing just couldn’t be clearer. I especially liked the high-tech airline label in baggage claim in Lincoln.

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2 Responses to Travels to China – Part 8: Pictures From a Trip

  1. P Wice says:

    great pictures, Ralph-sounds like you had a good time…did your wife go with you? Were you in a group?

    • admin says:

      Glad you enjoyed the travel posts. No, Pam doesn’t fly long distances! But the trip was very interesting and a lot of fun.

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