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Link Ch. 15 – “Control Room” documentary on Al Jazeera’s Coverage of War With Iraq

Broadcast via satellite from the small Arab country of Qatar since 1997, Al Jazeera has carried interviews with everyone from Osama bin Laden to Colin Powell and has been criticized for doing so by both the United States and Arab … Continue reading

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Into Thin Air’s Jon Krakauer on Everest Disaster

Jon Krakauer was reporting on the commercialization of Mt. Everest for Outside back in 1996 when a sudden storm killed eight people, including four people in the group Krakauer was climbing with.  His reporting became the bestselling book “Into Thin … Continue reading

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Live Blogging Everest Tragedy

Mt. Everest is seemingly one of the most remote places on earth, but when news breaks there, we are often able to get up-to-date news there from connected climbers and journalists who can post photos, videos, and text to their … Continue reading

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The Right to Free Speech According to XKCD

Nailed it….

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Who are the Press?

One question that’s pretty hard to answer these days is “Who is a reporter?” Is this someone who works for a newspaper?  A television station? A radio network?  Most folks would say, yes, these people are reporters. But as I … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

Is public relations simply talking to people, placing press releases and blocking access to executives? In fact, none of those are at the core of modern PR, according to PR mogul Richard Edelman.  Good summary of what public relations is … Continue reading

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Cutting through the clutter while maintaining brand image

One of the great challenges these days for advertisers is managing to cut through the clutter of non-programming messages to grab the attention of viewers, yet still projecting a positive brand image.  That’s what we’re going to be looking at … Continue reading

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David Letterman Retires, Followed in Footsteps of Ernie Kovacs

(Sorry for the recent lack of updates.  It’s been busy…) The news broke yesterday on Twitter with a post from REM’s bass player Mike Mills that David Letterman had just announced he would be retiring when his current contract expired, … Continue reading

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