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When journalists are shot and killed while on the air

UPDATED As you can’t help but know by now, yesterday morning two Virginia television journalists were killed when a former employee of the television station showed up at their live broadcast and shot them.  The gunman then fled the scene, … Continue reading

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Reporting a cable/internet outage via cable

I’m at home tonight trying to get work done to get ready for the semester that starts Monday, and the internet is not working well.  As I’m being frustrated, I see tweets flow slowly in, including one from my local … Continue reading

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How we pay for mobile service is changing

Up until recently, if you live in the United States the purchase of a mobile phone was tightly linked to your purchase of a multi-year wireless provider contract.  If you got a simple flip phone or basic internet enabled phone, you … Continue reading

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The Joy of a Great Movie Theater

Forty-seven years ago my parents drove our family from small-town Iowa to Des Moines so we could see the movie 2001 – A Space Odyssey at the River Hills 70 mm theater. For you too young to remember, that was … Continue reading

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