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Of News, News Sites, and Chicken Sandwiches

Updated 2/24/16, 9:05 a.m. There’s been a bit of a hullabaloo on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus for the last week or so over what restaurants students would like to see come to the student union.  There was … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

How does Apple feel about the court order requiring company to unlock iPhone? Hint: They don’t like it. Did the press do a good job of covering the pope’s remarks about Donald Trump? No, they did not.  In fact, many, … Continue reading

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The Good News and Bad News on Student News Consumption

I asked my media literacy students this morning where they go for news.  And the results look pretty good to me.  Lots of local TV news and local newspapers. A number of them watch the Today Show (who knew the … Continue reading

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Go See Coen Bros. Movie “Hail, Caesar”!

Went to see Hail, Caeser! the latest movie from the Coen Brothers last night. Here’s my take on it: It is a wack job of a movie.  But I mean that in a good way.  There is almost no way to … Continue reading

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Fastnachts for Shrove Tuesday

Today is the day before Ash Wednesday, which means that if you are in New Orleans or similar parts, you will be celebrating Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras implies many things, including those we won’t talk go into detail about here. … Continue reading

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Along with all the commercials, a couple of teams played football, too.

Yesterday was the biggest day of the year for high-profile television advertisements along with a bit of football in between.  As always, the ads attracted praise, condemnation and more than a few head shakes. For me, the strangest and most … Continue reading

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