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Thinking about W. H. Auden on a morning in early winter

I have been on sabbatical this semester after stepping down as the department chair and becoming a regular professor.  I’ve been working on a variety of projects this fall – finishing up work on ancillaries for the Sixth Edition of … Continue reading

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Holiday Flashback – Sigourney Weaver & Buster Poindexter do “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

NOTE: This time of year, one of the most consistently popular posts on this blog is the video of Sigourney Weaver & Buster Poindexter singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from Saturday Night Live.  So for those of you who don’t … Continue reading

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Godspeed John Glenn

Godspeed, John Glenn. Note to my friends – bet you don’t have a John Glenn Hot Wheels play set on your office shelf – I do. Includes Mercury capsule, space shuttle, and three figures – Mercury astronaut John Glenn, Senator … Continue reading

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Farewell to Pebble – Indie smartwatch maker shuts down after being acquired by Fitbit

It was with real sadness yesterday when I read that Fitbit had purchased smartwatch company Pebble in order to acquire their software engineers and intellectual property – but not their core smartwatch business. Fitbit is the giant fitness band manufacturer, and … Continue reading

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The Price of Global Journalism

My friend Dr. Chris Allen, a journalism professor at University of Nebraska at Omaha, has been working on global journalism issues from Russia, to Afghanistan, to Oman, and beyond.  I am reposting what he wrote on November 22 with his permission as … Continue reading

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