Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

  • Why does cancer suck so bad?
    So many reasons, but one is that it took journalist Brenda Buttner from us at all-too-young of an age. Buttner was best known as a Fox Business reporter, but I knew of her because she was responsible for the greatest motorcycle magazine story ever. Here’s the story behind the story: Hunter S. Thompson – Going Gonzo. And here’s a link to the actual HST story that made Buttner a legend – Song of the Sausage Creature. If you watch the tribute to her in the title link, you will get an idea of what Buttner brought to journalism. (Note – She’s probably the only person ever to work for a motorcycle magazine who had been a Rhodes Scholar!)

    Journalist Brenda Buttner with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The essay “Song of the Sausage Creature” that Buttner got from HST is one of the greatest pieces of motorcycle writing ever published.


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