Pepsi, United, and Sean Spicer in a race to see who can be worst at PR

UPDATE: Special new United nasty message to full fare first class passenger.

Presented with little further commentary, tweets explaining why Pepsi, United Airlines, and the Trump administration have had a bad week in communicating with their publics:

It started with Pepsi and their tone-deaf ad using a #BlackLivesMatter march theme to sell Pepsi:

And a response to this ad from Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter:

But then United Airlines got into the act:

And then in an amazing bit of bad timing by PRWeek US, dated March 16, 2017:

Here is PR Week’s response today to their amazingly bad call:

NEW TWEET: And the hits keep coming for United: Some great reporting from the LA Times.

And it was as if Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary tried to say, “Hey, I can do better than either United or Pepsi by comparing Syria’s President Assad to Hitler:

The “hold my beer” meme seems to have taken total hold here.  Here’s one example:

And because you can never have enough variations of the “hold my beer” meme, here’s one last one:

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