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The story of stolpersteine lives on

Last week I finally got to writing a blog post I got the idea for back in January from a series of e-mails I exchanged with my archaeology professor Dr. David Gradwohl.  The post looked at the ongoing story about … Continue reading

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Remembering Anne Frank – How her story lives on long after her death

It was 75 years ago this summer that a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank started keeping a diary in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  During the course of her diary, the teen ager would be forced into hiding in a … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What’s the story behind the possible end of Snopes? Yes, it’s a true story. Sadly, it’s a typical new media battle over who will control a web site. Truly hope this ends well. How do reporters (or anyone else) authenticate … Continue reading

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Proceeding Home

On Sunday of last week I I discovered in the parking lot of my hotel in Florence, Alabama that I had a leaky seal on one of my motorcycle fork legs with fluid seeping out.  I was in the middle … Continue reading

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Proceed As The Way Opens

Proceed as the way opens My two sons learned to loathe that phrase as they were growing up. Conversations would go something like this: “Dad, what do I do if this doesn’t work out?” “Proceed as the way opens.” “Dad, … Continue reading

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I’m going down to Florence…

A couple of years ago my Dear Wife and I drove 350 miles or so up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see Rosanne Cash and her band play one of the most sublime shows either of us has ever … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post: The Nintendo Switch – Buying a $300 Console Based on Media Alone

The following is a guest blog post by my colleague Aaron Blackman, who in addition to being a forensics coach and comm lecturer is also a big fan of video and tabletop games.  E3 2017 just recently wrapped up, and after … Continue reading

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Bringing Julius Caesar Into The 21st Century

There’s been a big fuss over the last week over the New York Public Theater’s version of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” As you’ve no doubt heard, the play features a staging in the present day with a Caesar wearing a bright … Continue reading

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Listing Beatles Songs, 21st Century Movies, and Frank DeFord Stories

For some reason, lists of things have been popping up in my reading over the last several days.  Here are several worth taking a look at: Beatles Songs Ranked From Worst to Best Vulture has put out a ranking of … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post: When a bomb explodes

Editor’s Note: The following blog post is from my old, old friend Dr. Chris Allen, who is a broadcast journalism professor at University of Nebraska – Omaha.  For years he’s been traveling around the world as a media scholar and to take … Continue reading

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