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Nebraska Press Association Workshop – Using narrative in reporting

This weekend, my colleague Terri Diffenderfer and I gave a presentation at the Nebraska Press Association annual convention on using narrative techniques in reporting.  We had a great time working with some excellent reporters.  I promised to share links to … Continue reading

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Prince Rogers Nelson RIP – Dick Clark’s Toughest Interview

Television stations broke into their afternoon programming today to announce the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, the 57-year-old exuberant, creative, innovative musician who was almost as famous for his love of personal privacy as he was for incredible peformances. As of … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post – Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN2

The following is a guest blog post by my colleague Aaron Blackman, who in addition to being a forensics coach and comm lecturer is also a big fan of video and tabletop games.  For the second year in a row, … Continue reading

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Where’s Rey?

Sitting in my garage is a plastic storage bin full of old Star Wars action figures that belonged at one time to my kids. If you dig through it, there will be Darth Vader, a Luke Skywalker, a Han Solo, … Continue reading

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Trailer drops for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

OK, so I might have squealed.  Just a little.  

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Looking at the history of the future

It’s always fun to take a look back at what people in the past thought the future we are living in now would look like. For example, here’s a segment CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite did in 1967 for a … Continue reading

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PewDiePie Rules YouTube

Felix Kjellberg is the most famous person on the planet you’ve never heard of.  At least if you are older than 40 and don’t have young people in the house.  Kjellberg is the first person in YouTube history to have … Continue reading

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Smart Analysis on Brussels Attacks from Joshua Hersh

We’ve had round the clock news about the bombings in Brussels over the last few days, but some of the sharpest reporting I’ve seen has come from freelancer Joshua Hersh’s Twitter feed.  I’m to post several of his tweets from … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Gone to the Bollywood Movies

NOTE: I wanted to update some of my Bollywood materials and examples, so here is a fresh post with some old and some new material. I generally show the following clip from Bollywood musical Mohabbatein in class as a way to get … Continue reading

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The Original Cat Video … from 1894!

You all no doubt think you are of the “cat video” generation. You think your generation invented the short video of cute cats doing cute things. But you are wrong! Thomas Edison’s studios shot the first cat video back in … Continue reading

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