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The Dutchman & Hello in There: Songs about growing old

“If you don’t do anything wrong for a period of three minutes, then the spirt of the music rushes in there and occupies it full time.” – Songwriter Michael Peter Smith discussing his song “The Dutchman.” Michael Peter Smith’s classic … Continue reading

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Listing Beatles Songs, 21st Century Movies, and Frank DeFord Stories

For some reason, lists of things have been popping up in my reading over the last several days.  Here are several worth taking a look at: Beatles Songs Ranked From Worst to Best Vulture has put out a ranking of … Continue reading

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Holiday Flashback – Sigourney Weaver & Buster Poindexter do “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

NOTE: This time of year, one of the most consistently popular posts on this blog is the video of Sigourney Weaver & Buster Poindexter singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from Saturday Night Live.  So for those of you who don’t … Continue reading

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Wild Ponies: ‘Making It’ in music in the age of streaming and file sharing

There’s a popular trope out there these days that with streaming music and file sharing, there’s just no way for musicians to make a living as musicians. Game over.  Done. Unless you’re already big and famous. But don’t tell that … Continue reading

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Prince Rogers Nelson RIP – Dick Clark’s Toughest Interview

Television stations broke into their afternoon programming today to announce the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, the 57-year-old exuberant, creative, innovative musician who was almost as famous for his love of personal privacy as he was for incredible peformances. As of … Continue reading

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Everything is a Remix – “Wagon Wheel” Edition

I just went to see the band Old Crow Medicine Show about a week ago, and and I highly recommend seeing them if you have the chance. They are particularly famous for the song “Wagon Wheel.”  Wait a minute, is … Continue reading

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Music for a Busy Day

Way too much to cover in class today to play all the music history videos I had scheduled, so here they are for your viewing and listening enjoyment.  Go from Elvis to Lennon & McCartney to Lennon and Maisy. This … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What would the Jerk Store say to the Oxford English Dictionary? Quite a bit, actually.  The OED gives us the history of the Jerk Store and other Seinfeld references. What should you watch when you’re done with A Charlie Brown Christmas? … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 1 – Paul McCartney’s Baseball Stadium Concerts

UPDATE: Name of Citi Field corrected. In 2009, Sir Paul McCartney played a concert at New York’s Citi Field, which was right across the road from Shea Stadium, where the Beatles played their first stadium show. Concerts like this illustrate … Continue reading

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A Brief Musical History in Video

Here’s a collection of videos to take you through the early days of rock ‘n’ roll along with a few other choice bits of music. Young Elvis Presley doing a live version of “Lawdy, Miss Clawdy” possibly from 1956. Chuck … Continue reading

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