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Truth 7 – There is no “they” – Does the anti-Muslim film blamed for rioting even exist?

On Tuesday evening, the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt were attacked by protestors.   The attack in Benghazi led to the death of American ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 10 – Neda Agha-Soltan as a Symbol of Iranian Protesters

NOTE: This is a re-post of the 2009 blog entry. All of the videos linked to here contain disturbing, violent imagery.The news out of Iran about the violent suppression of people protesting the results of the recent Iranian election has been … Continue reading

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West Bank Story Review Blogoff

Students in my commentary class watched the Oscar-winning short film West Bank Story in class on Thursday.  They’ve all written reviews, and are now competing for who wrote the best blog entry on the film.  Here are links to the … Continue reading

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Thinking about media change (and iPads)

It hasn’t been a productive day today.  My main interest has been following all the news about the new iPad 2 announced over the lunch hour. I’m impressed by it, and absolutely certain I did the right thing in waiting … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 2 – Are you watching this?

If you are not watching Al Jazeera English this Friday, you should be!  Also be following the #Egypt and #Jan25 hashtags on Twitter. There is even an “unstalling dictator” tweetmeme going around.

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Link Ch. 15 – Al Jazeera Arabic carrying video of police running over protesters

In my commentary and blogging course today, we were talking about how Al Jazeera English differs from what Americans are typically used to seeing on television.  One of my students said he watched AJE for about 15 minutes yesterday and … Continue reading

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Different sources of news about Egypt

Want to see how different media outlets are covering the news out of Egypt?  Here’s your chance to compare and contrast for yourself:  Sounds like that could be a great media literacy assignment…. Suggestions of sources to add or potential … Continue reading

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More on Al Jazeera, Egypt & US Media

As I’ve posted previously, there’s been a lot of talk about why Americans should start paying more attention to Al Jazeera English.  I’l be adding links here throughout the day. Outside The Beltway – Why all the American networks are … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera, Egypt & the United States

In his book Three Blind Mice,  media journalist Ken Auletta talks about how the first Gulf War brought CNN to prominence.  He writes: It wasn’t until the war in the Persian Gulf began in January 1991  that the cable revolution … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera English provides stunning coverage of rioting in Egypt

When I got into the office this morning and logged into Twitter, the news was flowing fast and furious about the anti-government rioting taking place in Egypt.  American cable networks were giving spot coverage of the story, but the national … Continue reading

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