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Julia Kozerski looks back at how losing 160 pounds made her feel miserable

Two years ago I wrote a post about how photographer Julia Kozerski documented through photos her process of losing 160 pounds.  Many of the photos were taken of her trying on clothes for her sliming body while others were unclothed, … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

Lots going on to ask questions about! What happened to the staff photographers at Sports Illustrated? They all got let go.  All photography at the magazine will now be done by free lancers. How did movies headlined by women do last year? … Continue reading

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Lesson of the Day: Don’t Photoshop details out of news photos

A photographer for the Charleston (WV) Gazette learned a difficult lesson that really shouldn’t have to be learned: Don’t Photoshop details out of a news photo.  Just don’t. I got a note from a former student of mine who is … Continue reading

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The Weight Loss Secret The Media Won’t Tell You!

No, this isn’t about how to lose 20 pounds while eating hot fudge sundaes. And it’s not about the cabbage soup diet. And it’s not about how eating the right kinds of proteins will “burn your fat.” (Really, there aren’t … Continue reading

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Media News That Ought Not To Surprise You

Netflix set to surpass HBO in USA paid subscriptions You can watch any of their programs any time and any where on any device for about $8 a month.   And they let you shotgun their original series from day … Continue reading

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Media News Update

Hi, everyone.  Been away on vacation, so no recent posts.  Here’s a roundup of some recent media news of interest: So is it ok to have sexual exploitation featuring men in ads? Kraft is following in the footsteps of the … Continue reading

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Would You Run This Photo?

The Washington Post ran this photo on the front page of its sports section this morning of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III injuring his knee during Sunday’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. A long-time friend of mine (and … Continue reading

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When do you run a disturbing photo?

This photo (and cover headlines) from the New York Post earlier this week have been attracting an enormous amount of attention.  Post freelancer R. Umar Abbasi took the photo of Ki Suk Han, who was pushed in front of the … Continue reading

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Tumblr Blog Humanae Categorizes Skin Color as Pantone Codes

There is a fantastically cool Tumblr blog called Humanae that presents simple photos of people showing their skin (in a safe-for-work way) along with the Pantone code that describes the person’s skin color. (The background for each image also uses … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – Remembering Photographer Tim Hetherington

Photographers Tim Hetherington and Chis Hondros were killed in an attack in the city of Misrata while they covering the rebellion there.  Hetherington was known for his photographs and for serving as co-director of the Oscar-nominated war documentary Restrepo. Vanity … Continue reading

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