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Are ‘Contact’ and ‘Prometheus’ essentially the same movie?

  I recently saw the 1997 science fiction movie Contact on streaming for the first time, nearly 20 years after its initial release.  And as I watched it, I was immediately struck by how many ways it resembled director Ridley Scott’s Alien … Continue reading

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Trailers for a host of fantasy and sci-fi films

The last few days have brought us a host of cool new trailers for upcoming fantasy and sci-fi movies.  Here a links to my tumblr for them: Snow White and the Huntsman A very dark take on what was a … Continue reading

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Three Degrees Separation: Jon Huntsman to Ron Paul to Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus

How can we connect Jon Huntsman to Ridley Scott’s  Alien prequel Prometheus in just three steps?  Well, it takes some serious stretching, but it can be done. Follow the tortured logic: Step 1: A New Hampshire based anti-Jon Huntsman ad is circulating … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 8 – Why should we care about 3D movies?

Why do we care about how 3D movies are made? Because movies that are shot in 3D from the beginning can look pretty good.  Beyond the obvious example of Avatar, I would  argue that the TRON remake was a gorgeous (if somewhat empty) 3D … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

How on earth did Rocky beat All the President’s Men, Network, and Taxi Driver for best pix? This was just plain wrong.  “I’m mad as hell….” Is Ridley Scott’s Prometheus an Alien prequel? And if so, does it matter?  Yes, … Continue reading

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