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Listing Beatles Songs, 21st Century Movies, and Frank DeFord Stories

For some reason, lists of things have been popping up in my reading over the last several days.  Here are several worth taking a look at: Beatles Songs Ranked From Worst to Best Vulture has put out a ranking of … Continue reading

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How Did/Should Television Cover Kevin Ware’s Horrific Injury?

In 1999, my eldest son and I went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Milwaukee Brewers in a Fourth of July game.  I have no idea now who won, but I do remember seeing catcher Jason Kendall suffer a … Continue reading

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And we are back with new Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

After a month or so summer break, Living in a Media world is back with some fresh Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) Will there be an all-female group of Expendables in the third outing? Please, please, please, with Helen Mirren at … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin – Can race-based humor not be racist?

A blog by sudden NBA star Jeremy Lin as a 15-year-old has grabbed online attention today.  There’s several things interesting about it. According to sports blog Deadspin, Lin’s teenage blog was under the address: chiNkBaLLa88.xanga.com.  (You can follow the link, but … Continue reading

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