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Who are the Press?

One question that’s pretty hard to answer these days is “Who is a reporter?” Is this someone who works for a newspaper?  A television station? A radio network?  Most folks would say, yes, these people are reporters. But as I … Continue reading

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Media Lessons for the Clueless

It’s almost New Year’s, and that means it’s time to look back at the year that was, to look forward to the year that will be, and to be thankful you didn’t do something utterly clueless through the media.  That … Continue reading

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Katie Couric leaves “mainstream media” for…. mainstream media?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the media business more mainstream that news anchor/personality Katie Couric.  She represents everything that characterizes legacy media.  She’s had interviews with all the big stars from Hollywood to D.C. She’s a … Continue reading

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Watching the Inauguration

In my book, Mass Communication: Living in a Media World, I present “The seven truths ‘they’ don’t want you to know about the media.” These are essentially the seven thesis statements of the book, but that sounds so boring, so … Continue reading

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Leaving the mainstream to watch political conventions

I like media that matches my political point of view as much as the next guy, but when there is an important event or speech going on, my preferred channel is C-SPAN.  And increasingly, I prefer to watch C-SPAN online … Continue reading

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“The Media”

Remember when you talk about “The Media”: The bestselling newspaper is The Wall Street Journal. The top-rated radio talk show host is Rush Limbaugh, who has more listeners than the top four liberal hosts combined. The top cable news channel … Continue reading

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Does What Happens in Philly Stay in Philly?

That would be a no.  What happened in Philadelphia? The National Republic Senatorial Committee shot an ad disparaging the West Virginia Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate for being too close to President Obama.  Perfectly acceptable political rhetoric.  What wasn’t … Continue reading

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Media News I Found On Twitter

Bob Dylan Song Featured in Ad for Google Instant Given that he previously appeared in a Victoria’s Secret ad, I guess we can’t get too upset.  How having search capability that is even faster than an every-few-seconds basis is a big … Continue reading

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