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Pepsi, United, and Sean Spicer in a race to see who can be worst at PR

UPDATE: Special new United nasty message to full fare first class passenger. Presented with little further commentary, tweets explaining why Pepsi, United Airlines, and the Trump administration have had a bad week in communicating with their publics: It started with Pepsi and … Continue reading

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Women’s Magazines Covering Politics

Journalist Lily Herman had a great Tweetstorm the other day pointing out the big contributions that women’s magazines have been making to political journalism lately.  Without comment, here are her tweets with links.  Lots of good reporting here.  (And a … Continue reading

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When a celebrity dies, is it ok to do a brand-oriented tweet about it, especially if it’s really clever?

When a celebrity dies and you have a great idea for tweet with a  meme, should you send it out right away? Probably not…  At least that’s the lesson that Cinnabon learned when they tweeted out the image at right following the … Continue reading

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All Media are Social – alt-right figure off Twitter, death threats on Facebook & fake news ban on Google

Lots of social media in the news this week: Twitter suspends prominent alt-right accounts Twitter has suspended a number of accounts associated with alt-right figure Richard Spencer.  Spencer is the president of a white nationalist think tank. In the past, … Continue reading

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Election News in the News

There’s a lot of strange news about the upcoming election going on.  Here’s a sampling: Jay Rosen: Newspapers shouldn’t apologize for criticizing Trump Media critic and NYU professor Jay Rosen argues that newspapers that have been harsh in their reporting … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What happened to the missing 18 minutes of the Lost finale on Netflix? The version of the controversial Lost finale currently streaming on Netflix is missing 18 minutes scattered throughout the episode, and show runner Damon Lindelof wants those minutes back. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Who was behind the brilliant @IsPaulSpeaker Twitter account?

I can’t believe that everyone interested in national politics wasn’t following the @IsPaulSpeaker Twitter account for the last couple of weeks.  The account, run by Topeka, Kansas attorney Angel Romero Jr (also a proud Washburn University grad), presented a series … Continue reading

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Reporting a cable/internet outage via cable

I’m at home tonight trying to get work done to get ready for the semester that starts Monday, and the internet is not working well.  As I’m being frustrated, I see tweets flow slowly in, including one from my local … Continue reading

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Looking at some interesting Twitter feeds

In many of my classes, I require my students to use Twitter.  While I hope each of them will come up with their own list of people to follow, here are a few that make up a good starting point: … Continue reading

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JMC 406 Student Blogs

This spring I’m teaching my Blogging & Commentary Writing class, a course I’ve taught in one form or another since the winter of 1988 (Hint: Blogging wasn’t part of the title then…)  Here are links to my students’ blogs and … Continue reading

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