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Who was behind the brilliant @IsPaulSpeaker Twitter account?

I can’t believe that everyone interested in national politics wasn’t following the @IsPaulSpeaker Twitter account for the last couple of weeks.  The account, run by Topeka, Kansas attorney Angel Romero Jr (also a proud Washburn University grad), presented a series … Continue reading

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Reporting a cable/internet outage via cable

I’m at home tonight trying to get work done to get ready for the semester that starts Monday, and the internet is not working well.  As I’m being frustrated, I see tweets flow slowly in, including one from my local … Continue reading

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Looking at some interesting Twitter feeds

In many of my classes, I require my students to use Twitter.  While I hope each of them will come up with their own list of people to follow, here are a few that make up a good starting point: … Continue reading

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JMC 406 Student Blogs

This spring I’m teaching my Blogging & Commentary Writing class, a course I’ve taught in one form or another since the winter of 1988 (Hint: Blogging wasn’t part of the title then…)  Here are links to my students’ blogs and … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What are the six types of Twitter communities?  And which are the most toxic? Would you be surprised if it were the political ones? Nah, me neither.  This is from The Fix blog at the WaPo, but you can read … Continue reading

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Media Lessons for the Clueless

It’s almost New Year’s, and that means it’s time to look back at the year that was, to look forward to the year that will be, and to be thankful you didn’t do something utterly clueless through the media.  That … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Roundup

World’s Oldest Romance Writer Passes Away at Age 105 And she so doesn’t fit into your stereotypes.  (Unless your stereotype is of someone who was supposedly conceived during an affair with a Russian duke… DiGiorno pizza gets good response to … Continue reading

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Media News That Ought Not To Surprise You

Netflix set to surpass HBO in USA paid subscriptions You can watch any of their programs any time and any where on any device for about $8 a month.   And they let you shotgun their original series from day … Continue reading

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Are phone apps ancillary markets for movies?

I would think so.  Questions on Twitter today from students using Mass Communication: Living in a Media World:

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Link Ch.6 – How VTech’s Collegiate Times covered the 2011 shooting on campus

The student journalists at Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times had the best coverage in the country during December 8, 2011’s shooting deaths of two people on the VTech campus.  Here are two blog posts I wrote as their reporting was unfolding: … Continue reading

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