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WikiLeaks and Journalism

The website WikiLeaks has continued its project of posting huge numbers of secret government documents, generating a lot of news and a lot of controversy.  There is debate over whether the website is damaging national security for the United States, … Continue reading

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Disability, Humor, and Pop Culture

One thing we have an awkward relationship with is humor connected with disabilities.  There is the crude movie humor, there’s the “very special” episode humor, and finally, rarest of all, genuine humor that deals with the disability from the point … Continue reading

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Digital Media News Roundup

WSJ’s Walter Mossberg says Google TV not yet ready for prime time. Google’s entry into the set-top box tries to merge Web video and television into a single universe.  He likes the idea, but says it isn’t a smoothly operating … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 14 – NY Times Ombudsman – Q&A with Clark Hoyt

C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb talks with Clark Hoyt, former ombudsman for the New York Times: “Clark Hoyt talked about his career in newspapers and the state of journalism. He recently finished a three-year stint as public editor of the New York Times. … Continue reading

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Great Journalism Myths – Q&A with W. Joseph Campbell

NOTE: I’m going to be posting a host of C-SPAN Q&A interview programs today that deal with journalistic issues.  I’ll embed the video and provide a link back to the show in the C-SPAN Video library.  These are great programs … Continue reading

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Complete Rachel Maddow interview with Jon Stewart

Last night MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow had a long interview with news satirist and critic Jon Stewart.  I’m going to have a lot more to say about this later, but in the mean time, here’s the complete, uncut interview.

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Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee do Promo for Washington Post iPad App

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What’s the most popular e-reader? HINT: It’s the one more people own – the laptop. How big is the e-book market? Forrester reports that it has hit $1 billion and will grow rapidly over the next three years.  It’s still … Continue reading


Articles You Need To Be Reading on the Future of Media Industry

Mark Cuban – How Google TV could hand Netflix the entire streaming universe Mark Cuban made him self incredibly wealthy founding, and he’s now best known as owner of the Dallas Mavericks.  He also has a lot of interesting … Continue reading

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