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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

Does the New York Times have a pervasive progressive world view? Outgoing public editor thinks so.  Exec editor, not so much…. (via Mediaite) Where did the Internet come from? A bit more on the general who got frustrated trying to … Continue reading

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Truth #3 – George Carlin moves to the center (NSFW language)

More than 40 years ago, George Carlin started explaining to us all the intimate details of the 7 dirty words you can’t say on television.  In addition to being very funny and very rude, his routine also illustrates how someone … Continue reading

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Some great back-to-school videos

In addition to this blog, I also run a Tumblr at  I use that to post quotes, photos, videos and the like with little comment or context. Here are a few videos I’ve posted there lately that would make … Continue reading

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#1 Party School

The Princeton Review has continued to release its list of university “honors” this week in an effort to promote its annual college guide.  Most notorious of these is the “Top Party School” list which no university wants to find itself … Continue reading

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Comment Updates

If anyone has tried to comment in the last month, chances are your words got lost in the sea of comment spam that has been inundating the blog. As of today I have added new anti-spam tools, including the ever … Continue reading

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And we are back with new Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

After a month or so summer break, Living in a Media world is back with some fresh Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) Will there be an all-female group of Expendables in the third outing? Please, please, please, with Helen Mirren at … Continue reading

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