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Katie Couric leaves “mainstream media” for…. mainstream media?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the media business more mainstream that news anchor/personality Katie Couric.  She represents everything that characterizes legacy media.  She’s had interviews with all the big stars from Hollywood to D.C. She’s a … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

How does the New York Times get past Chinese censorship? Setting up new publications in China is part of the story.  How can national journalists avoid getting punked by a fake Georgia congressman on Twitter? Start by making sure there … Continue reading

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A few hints for radio storytelling

My students in my interpretive reporting class are going to be hosting an hour-long radio program to talk about the stories they are doing about the role of the international community at UNK.  Here are a few links that can … Continue reading

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The Weight Loss Secret The Media Won’t Tell You!

No, this isn’t about how to lose 20 pounds while eating hot fudge sundaes. And it’s not about the cabbage soup diet. And it’s not about how eating the right kinds of proteins will “burn your fat.” (Really, there aren’t … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

Is Blockbuster Dead or Canadian? Mostly dead, at least when it comes to physical media.  Who knew it was still even alive? (Don’t remember the great category Dead or Canadian from MTV’s old game show Remote Control? Why can’t the … Continue reading

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What is the Internet?

Last week I asked my Global Media Literacy students what television was.  And the discussion was so much fun, I thought I would try it again this week. So what is the Internet? In some ways, I think my students … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 9 – What Is Television?

(Before we get started, I know I misspelled satellite on the white board this morning.  Get over it…) This morning in my Global Media Literacy class I asked my students a fairly simple question: What is television? The answers that … Continue reading

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