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Back To School With The Media

It’s Back To School time, so let’s look at some start-of-the-school-year themed stories: Oregon school district rescinds ban on rap music radio in school buses. Rule was no talk radio, religious radio, or rap music – pop/rock, country and jazz … Continue reading

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An in-depth look at the man who now leads Apple

Tim Cook does not have an enviable job as the CEO of Apple. Following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, one of America’s most iconic and successful CEOs, can’t be easy.  Trying to establish yourself as a leader when everyone … Continue reading

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Another Big Tremor in the Earthquake in Slow Motion: Part 2 – Two New Secrets

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 is going down in history as a really big day in the world of television. The fact that C-SPAN aired cell phone video through the Periscope social media service for much of the day provided by Democratic … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

After a month of vacation and travel for family reasons, I’m back with mass comm posts (though national parks will keep sneaking in on occasion!). Is Rush Limbaugh still sticking around? Yes, he reportedly has a new four-year contract with … Continue reading

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The road goes ever on…

I had a lovely dinner last week with my editor Terri and marketing person Jill who were attending the AEJMC convention in Minneapolis,  and they asked me to do a couple of things – one of which was to get … Continue reading

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