Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

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  1. Mike Marn says:

    “Old school” is comfortable in its own skin; doing things the way it does because it WANTS to, damn it.

    “Old fashioned” is always a perception that originates from someone else, casting into the mix whatever judgmental attitudes the one doing the perceiving brings to the table.

    Planters is trying to be old school with attitude; “we know it’s an old, hokey character, but he’s cool, we like him, and we’re going to make YOU see that he’s cool, too.”

    To me, “old fashioned” is the new UPS campaign that actually uses the old song “That’s amore” and rewords it to “That’s logistics” and expects the audience to think that’s a clever thing to do. From this corner, it seems not quite hokey/quirky enough to be appreciated as hip, and certainly not contemporary in, well, ANY way. I’m not saying you can’t do the re-worded song thing (hey, this is a guy that reworded “Good Lovin'” to sell toilet paper) – but you can’t do it like UPS did it. And the “we love logistics” tag line isn’t enough to make it work.

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