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Holiday Potpourri

Target takes an edgier approach in advertising to new moms Cute no longer cuts it.  New Target ad uses head, “I just had a 20-minute conversation with a stranger about nipples.”  Figuring out how to target (lower case) a narrow market … Continue reading

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No take-down order for Yogi Bear parody

Tech Dirt reports that Warner Brothers has declined to issue a take-down order for the brilliant Yogi Bear parody posted to You Tube in which BooBoo does not behave like a true friend. Lots of tweeters were expecting an immediate … Continue reading

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How can you tell when women have significant roles in movies?

There are lots of movies with great relationships between men.  There are a number of movies with interesting roles for women.  But how many movies out there feature multiple major female characters who interact with each other?  That’s the question … Continue reading

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Media News I Learned From Twitter

Celebrate Willa Cather’s birthday by reading one of her stories Thanks to @ebertchicago and @czuegner for this link to “The Sentimentality of William Tavener.”  And after this beautiful link to Cather’s story, Ebert gives us Jane Austin’s Fight Club. iPad … Continue reading

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Summary of Why WikiLeaks Matters

Here’s a great summary article from the Nieman Journalism Lab on why we, as journalists and citizens, need to be thinking about the implications of WikiLeaks.  Thanks to Jay Rosen for pointing out this article.

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The Real Meaning of WikiLeaks

The Economist has a great blog post up explaining why the importance of WikiLeaks transcends Julian Assange and his merry band of leakers.  The magazine’s writer argues that we are undergoing a huge shift from paper documents that are heavy … Continue reading

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