Link Ch. 2 – Julian Assange & WikiLeaks

Read more about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange:

And finally, a reading on Canadian economist Harold Innis, who wrote about how changes in media change our society.
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2 Responses to Link Ch. 2 – Julian Assange & WikiLeaks

  1. Rose Toubes says:

    You’ve misspelled “transparency” above!

    Elsewhere in the book: You’ve misidentified the Kardashians in the photo caption that accompanies their picture. I spotted that error right away when the copy of the book arrived. I don’t even like the Kardashians, but there has been enough media saturation on Kim Kardashian because of her recent pregnancy that I knew you misidentified her when I matched the caption to the order of people in the photo.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! Wouldn’t be the only spelling error here.

    And thanks on the Kardshians. I’ll see what we can do on the next reprint.


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