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Link Ch. 8 – Silent Movies

Here are a collection of links to some great early, early silent film examples, mostly from my Tumblr: Animations of Muybridge people-in-motion images: Note: Most of these contain some nudity. Simple animations Collection of films based on Muybridge images Edison … Continue reading


Questioning the Oscars

Lots of questions to answer about this year’s Oscar telecast! How did this year’s Best Pictures do with the Bechdel Test for Women in Movies? Not so great.  Most failed, two were marginal passes, and one made it rock solid. … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

I’ve been so busy putting up links to go with the upcoming 4th edition to Mass Communication: Living in a Media World that I haven’t had time to question anything lately.  So here we go: Does Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander pay … Continue reading

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Adele, Vogue, and Body Image: “I don’t want to be some skinny-mini with my t#%s out”

Adele’s been getting a lot of attention lately.  Not only for her music, but also for her looks.  Here’s a discussion from CNN about her new cover of Vogue in which she looks a good deal thinner than she does … Continue reading


Link Ch.6 – How VTech’s Collegiate Times covered the 2011 shooting on campus

The student journalists at Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times had the best coverage in the country during December 8, 2011’s shooting deaths of two people on the VTech campus.  Here are two blog posts I wrote as their reporting was unfolding: … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 6 – Alternative Papers

Here are links to several of the alternative papers discussed in the newspaper chapter of Mass Communication: Living in a Media World.  Please note that these papers at times may contain R-rated type language and imagery. Chicago Defender One of … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 6 – Top Ten U.S. Newspapers

Here are links to the top ten newspapers in the United States: Wall Street JournalNote that most of the WSJ’s content is available only to paid subscribers. New York Times It’s not the biggest paper, but it is the most … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 6 – Edward R. Murrow in London

Former NPR anchor Bob Edwards talks about the importance of the legendary radio and television broadcaster Edward R. Murrow.

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Link Ch. 6 – New York Daily News DEAD! cover

Jesús Marrone wrote his doctoral dissertation on front covers of publications, and has a lot of great background on the New York Daily News DEAD! cover featuring murderer Ruth Snyder being executed.  Lots of great background information and photos of … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 6 – The Yellow Kid

The Yellow Kid, an early newspaper comic character who got his start in a comic called Hogan’s Alley, was the star of the comics page during the yellow journalism era in New York City.  You can read and see more … Continue reading

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