Everything is a Remix

Kirby Ferguson has put together a fantastic series of videos explaining the notion that we are living in a remix culture where most cultural products are created by recombining previous ones.  Here’s the complete series in order, along with a link to his Web site.  Please do visit it, and if you want to support his work you can make a donation.

Everything is a Remix Series

Part 1: The Song Remains the Same

Part 2: Remix Inc.

Part 3: The Elements of Creativity

Part 4: System Failure

Everything is a Remix: The Matrix

The Everything is a Remix TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson

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3 Responses to Everything is a Remix

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  2. Frank Baker says:

    The Matrix clip is NOT a remix, but rather a compilation demonstrating how contemporary filmmakers are influenced by and have borrowed from previous filmmakers.

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