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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What’s the story behind the possible end of Snopes? Yes, it’s a true story. Sadly, it’s a typical new media battle over who will control a web site. Truly hope this ends well. How do reporters (or anyone else) authenticate … Continue reading

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Proceeding Home

On Sunday of last week I I discovered in the parking lot of my hotel in Florence, Alabama that I had a leaky seal on one of my motorcycle fork legs with fluid seeping out.  I was in the middle … Continue reading

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Proceed As The Way Opens

Proceed as the way opens My two sons learned to loathe that phrase as they were growing up. Conversations would go something like this: “Dad, what do I do if this doesn’t work out?” “Proceed as the way opens.” “Dad, … Continue reading

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I’m going down to Florence…

A couple of years ago my Dear Wife and I drove 350 miles or so up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see Rosanne Cash and her band play one of the most sublime shows either of us has ever … Continue reading

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