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Link Ch. 15 – Remembering Photographer Tim Hetherington

Photographers Tim Hetherington and Chis Hondros were killed in an attack in the city of Misrata while they covering the rebellion there.  Hetherington was known for his photographs and for serving as co-director of the Oscar-nominated war documentary Restrepo. Vanity … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – Global Press Freedom Report From Reporters Without Borders

Every year the group Reporters Without Borders for Freedom of Information issues a report on the state of press freedom around the world. In it, the organization analyzes the degree of freedom that “journalists, news media and netizens” have in … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – The Danish Cartoons

In 2005, Flemming Rose, the culture editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, became concerned about what he saw as acts of self-censorship in Europe to avoid offending Muslims. In response, he commissioned a dozen cartoonists to portray the prophet Muhammad … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – The BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation started out as a radio service with a  global reach.  It’s still all that, but it also has a big presence on television and on the Internet.  Here are links to just three of its host … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – How Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Controls Country’s Media

In 2007, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez made heavy use of authoritarian media control by denying the country’s oldest and most watched television network , Radio Caracas Television, a broadcasting license.  In doing so, silenced the government’s sharpest critic.  You can … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – Remembering the CBC’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie”

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) has just closed out six seasons of the hit comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie about the life of muslims living in rural Canada in a post-9/11 era.  NPR’s On The Media did an interesting segment … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 15 – Differing Views of World News

Want to see how different media outlets are cover news from around the world?  Here’s your chance to compare and contrast for yourself:  Sounds like that could be a great media literacy assignment…. Suggestions of sources to add or potential … Continue reading

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Ch. 13 Links – Students expelled for what they post online

High school and middle school students get expelled for things they post online through social media during non-school hours.  Is that violating their free speech rights?  Take a look at a few examples: Indiana high school student expelled for tweeting … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 13 – Copyright’s Barbara Ringer Remembered

Barbara Ringer, who went to work for the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress in 1949 right after she graduated from law school, had as much influence on American copyright law as anyone in the twentieth century. Read the … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 13 – Snyder v. Phelps

Updated 10/14 with obituary for Fred Phelps Updated 4/18/14 with short student documentary on a Westboro protest. In March of 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of the Phelps family, operating as the Westboro Baptist Church (although they … Continue reading

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