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Link Ch. 7 – Meet Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis

(Updated 10/4/17) Please note that most of the links here to video or audio content will contain offensive and/or NSFW language. Trying to explain what Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, does to anyone my age can be a bit challenging. … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

How did people learn about bin Laden’s death? Survey says — Television. ¬†Though many of my students said word-of-mouth from people who had been watching TV. What parent wouldn’t love a book called “Go The @$#& To Sleep”? This book … Continue reading

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Ch. 1 Link – Web comics that defy classification

NOTE: While none of the comics discussed here go much beyond PG-13 in art, they do sometimes have offensive language in them. (12/15/11) Regular readers here know that I’m a huge fan of web comics. In your textbook, there’s a … Continue reading

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Google’s goes conventional with ‘Sophie’ ad for Chrome

Google has a new television ad for its Chrome web browser that is quite charming: Long-time tech journalist Steven Levy (author of the 80s computer classic Hackers) has an interesting analysis of the ad. ¬†He notes that while the ad … Continue reading

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E-books continue to gain market share

E-books are continuing to rapidly gain market share, while sales of paperbacks are falling, according to a story at Paid Content. And while some “indie” writers are finding success through self-publishing using tools like Amazon’s Kindle support, just putting a … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 1 – Covering bin Laden’s Death

Here are a number of stories on the death of Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011 WVU’s Daily Athenaeum Covers Street Celebrations The staff of WVU’s student newspaper did a great job of covering the street celebrations when the … Continue reading

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