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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) – Movie Edition

How did Die Hard director John McTiernan end up in prison? It’s not a pretty story. How does the JJ Abrams Star Trek Reboot compare to what Nicholas Meyer did to the original movie series? Smart critique that does just … Continue reading

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Should breweries fight their legal battles through social media?

I got a call today from a reporter in Kentucky asking my thoughts about whether it was wise for a pair of breweries — one local, one part of a large conglomerate — to be duking out their legal fight … Continue reading

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Could This Be The Copyright Law Update We Need?

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding copyright law as of late that charges that it is hopelessly biased toward the rights of large, corporate media (i.e. Disney and the like). Under current copyright law, it is apparently legal for … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 1 – Ground Control to Cmdr. Hadfield – Winning Social Media from Outer Space!

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has just finished up his five-month tour as commander of the International Space Station (ISS), and he’s done a great job of showing how social media can be used as a great educational and public relations … Continue reading

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Obsessed fans, Iron Man, Censors, & Rush – Pop Culture Roundup

So maybe Stephen King wasn’t completely exaggerating  with his obsessed fan in Misery. True Blood author Charlaine Harris has some really  over-the-top fans who don’t want her to end her Sookie Sackhouse vampire series. Iron Man 3 Gets Odd Changes … Continue reading

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Mountain Dew Uses Racism and Violence Against Women to Promote Caffeinated Sugar Water

The ad for Mountain Dew is pretty stark. As Your Black World points out. If you’ve never heard of Felicia the Goat, you’ll know about her soon. Felicia the Goat is the main character in a recent Mountain Dew commercial, … Continue reading

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