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AT&T Buying Time Warner – Which Apocalypse Will It Be?

Oh, wow, a tech giant is buying up Time Warner, one of the big legacy media companies for an unheard of amount of money. The tech company is talking about how the purchase will help them leverage synergy in the … Continue reading

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Ch. 14 Link – Commentary Through Impersonation

You can learn more about Ian Murphy’s punking of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and about the Food Lion case here. SPJ scolds Buffalo Beast for call to Wisconsin governor Food Lion fraud award against ABC thrown out

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Link Ch. 4 – A Million Little Memoir Fabrications

Reprinted from my blog from January 27, 2006: A Million Little Problems Dept. – Fall Out From James Frey’s Fabrications A week or so ago I ran a guest commentary by my colleague John Temple about his outrage at the apparent fabrications … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 2 – The Endless Presidential Campaign

Does it seem to you like recent presidential campaigns have gone on forever? That may be so, but as Truth 4 points out, Nothing’s new: Everything that happened in the past will happen again. According to NPR’s On The Media, … Continue reading

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Truth 4 – Nothing’s New: Rihanna and Rita Hayworth: Beautiful, sexy and not winning an award

Back in 1939, a young actress by the name of Rita Hayworth was trying to become a household name, and her press agent, the legendary Henry Rogers was willing to do whatever it would take to make her a Hollywood … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 10 – Everything Is a Remix looks at The Matrix

The folks at Everything is a Remix look at all the cyberpunk quotes in the Matrix movies.  The argument at EIAR is not that The Matrix is ripping off previous movies and books, rather that everything in popular culture is … Continue reading

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Nancy Grace pulls a Janet Jackson

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars Nancy Grace pulled an accidental Janet Jackson Super Bowl move.  Not only did she expose the same part of her anatomy Miss Jackson did, she did it for more than twice as long (close … Continue reading

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Ch. 3 Link – Rupert Murdoch, Capt. Renault, and the News of the World

I’ve been holding off blogging for some time about the whole fuss over the scandal surrounding the British tabloid News of the World because I haven’t really been sure what to say about it. On the one hand, the largest … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 4 – Three Cups of the Boston Globe in the 90s

My commentary students and I spent class yesterday talking about the Greg Mortenson Three Cups of Tea case study, and talk there led to discussion of the Mike Barnicle / Patricia Smith case. Here’s a link to a great in-depth … Continue reading

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Commentary Through Impersonation: Wisconsin & Arizona

There’s been quite a fuss going on about a journalist from an alternative news source calling up a conservative politician and then impersonating a someone the politician would feel was sympathetic.   The alt journalist then uses the material from … Continue reading

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