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“The Media”

Remember when you talk about “The Media”: The bestselling newspaper is The Wall Street Journal. The top-rated radio talk show host is Rush Limbaugh, who has more listeners than the top four liberal hosts combined. The top cable news channel … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 11 – Fun Commercials

During the advertising unit, I often interrupt the lecture for a “word from our sponsors.”  Here are a few of my favorites: Nissan “Toy Story” Nike “I am Tiger Woods” Levis “I Think I Love Your” by Michael Bay Levis … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 8 – What should the documentary Bully do about its R rating?

The documentary Bully has been getting a lot of attention this week for the R rating the MPAA assigned it. As of right now, the MPAA (who does the ratings) says that the documentary on bullying deserves the R rating for … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 8 – Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven’s Gate

Michael Cimino’s epic failure of a motion picture Heaven’s Gate is credited with/blamed for sinking the United Artists film studio.  Some claim it was a masterpiece.  Me?  My wife-to-be and I saw it on our first date back in 1981.  The … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 8 – Top of the Movie Box Office

As members of the audience, the actual amount of money a movie makes at the box office probably shouldn’t matter to us.  All we ought to care about is whether we liked the movie.  But with box office information  constantly … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 7 – Coverville Podcast

Updated October 2014 I’ve been listening to Coverville nearly 10 years now and continue to be amazed at the fascinating covers host Brian Ibbott comes up with.  Here are links to several classic episodes from over the years: Episode 1048 – The … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 7 – Listen to UNK student radio KLPR

Student radio KLPR-FM broadcasts at 91.1 FM as a service of the Department of Communication at University of Nebraska at Kearney.  It is scheduled to be broadcasting at 3,800 watts in the Fall of 2011 and has a reach to … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 7 – Audio Industry Reports

Updated October 2014 Every time I work on a new edition of Mass Communication: Living in a Media World, I wish I could have it updated with the latest statistics about the industry.  I can’t do that yet, but I … Continue reading


Link Ch. 14 – When is a headline offensive?

There’s a heartwarming story that’s been up on the Interwebs this week about President Obama giving a speech on energy policy at St. George Community College.  Stephon, a deaf student had front-row seating for the event, got to shake the … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 7 – Lyle Lovett in concert

Texas singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett told in 2008 that despite selling more than 4.6 million albums, he’s “never made a dime” from his recordings.  Instead, he’s made all his income from performing and touring.  So why does he record?  It’s … Continue reading

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