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XKCD answers the question “What will new technology do to us?”

When you have questions about what will technology do to us, the first place to look at is the web comic XKCD: Remember: New technology is always scary!

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Telling the story of the California fires through comics

We often think of comics as being either funny stories or super hero dramas.  And they can be all that. But many of the best comics tell intensely personal stories about life, death, and surviving the time in-between. I was reminded … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

Lots going on to ask questions about! What happened to the staff photographers at Sports Illustrated? They all got let go.  All photography at the magazine will now be done by free lancers. How did movies headlined by women do last year? … Continue reading

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Ch. 1 Links – Web comics round-up

NOTE: While none of the comics discussed here go much beyond PG-13 in art, they do sometimes have offensive language in them. This is a major update of a post I originally did about 3 years ago: Regular readers here … Continue reading

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Kickstarter and Books

I’ve been reading up on Kickstarter the last few days – hence the last couple posts.  Here are a few more: Getting advance support from readers dates back to at least the early 1700s Alexander Pope used pre-funding in 17134 … Continue reading

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Biting political and media commentary from Yelling Bird

Jeph Jacques over at his Questionable Content comic usually deals with crazy robots, crazy baristas, and crazy librarians, but every now and then Yelling Bird shows up to deliver truly obscene commentary on current issues. But today Yelling Bird kept it … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 14 – When is a headline offensive?

There’s a heartwarming story that’s been up on the Interwebs this week about President Obama giving a speech on energy policy at St. George Community College.  Stephon, a deaf student had front-row seating for the event, got to shake the … Continue reading

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CTV Profiles Hark A Vagrant’s Kate Beaton

One of my favorite web comic’s is Kate Beaton’s Hark a Vagrant.  While many of the strips deal with Canadian history, Nancy Drew, Victorian literature, and Mystery Solving Teens also make frequent appearances. Her collection of comics has hit the … Continue reading

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