Gone Riding – Headed Home


My dad on his back porch.

After parting company with the Biker Priest in Duluth and picking up a couple more Whispering Giants, it was time to start the long ride home.

My first stop along the way was St. Paul, Minn. where I spent the evening with siblings, a cousin, and spouses. Lovely dinner and a chance to talk.  The next morning I went to mass with my brother and his wife where I got to hear my brother accompany the service on his guitar (along with a piano).

TreeTrimmingFrom there it was a hot, hot ride down to Iowa to spend a day or so with my parents.  Mom and Dad are both in their late 80s, and there’s always something for one of us kids to help with when we come to town.  In my case, it was trimming back the bushes and tree that were threatening to conquer his backyard. Trimming trees for my dad is not as exciting as motorcycling round the Great Lakes, but it sure is nice to see my folks.  I also had the chance to visit my 98-year-old Aunt Marion – my dad’s older sister.


My Aunt Marion and me.

I hated giving up on the Great Lakes 100 ride, but a wonderful visit with my family was more than enough compensation.

From Iowa, it was a hot day of riding, interrupted by breakfast in Ankeny with my grad school buddy Brian Steffen.  And then home to my wife, youngest son, and mum in law.

Nine days of travel, 11 states and provinces, two countries, seven Whispering Giants, and 3,500 miles.

“Proceed as the way opens.”
–William Least Heat Moon

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