Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

  • How can Fox maintain their journalistic reputation?
    WaPo conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin argues that Trump campaign gives commentators a challenge when it comes to responding to extreme spin. And she also wonders what Fox can do to maintain their journalistic reputation. (Yes, Fox is Fox, but they do have a number of fine journalists working there.  It’s just their voices sometimes get drowned out by the evening shoutfest.)
  • Do we need to be afraid of the “speech police committee” on college campuses?
    That’s an argument coming from the president of the University of Chicago. Is there really a problem with safe spaces? And what do minority/marginalized students hope to get from safe spaces? (NOTE: Not defending safe spaces here, but if you are a wealthy white male in a position of power, you’ve probably never needed a “safe space.”)
  • How was the Fox remake of Rocky Horror?
    Quoting from the New Yorker review:
    “[Laverne Cox] doesn’t surpass, or equal, Curry—no one could. Curry was like Freddie Mercury in fishnets…”
    Kudos, Sarah Larson. That is absolutely brilliant.
  • Why does student free speech matter?
    Great column from Daily Nebraskan editor Lani Hanson
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