Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) – Fire and Fury Edition

Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White HouseWriter/journalist Michael Wolff has a the new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House being published imminently, and it’s attracting lots of Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)!

  • So how has the publisher reacted to this?
    The publisher has reportedly moved up the publication from next week to Friday of this week. Henry Holt & Co. says that it’s “due to unprecedented demand,” but there’s also been suggestions on Twitter that getting the book published and in the hands of readers would preempt any temporary restraining order a judge might put out.
  • Is the book any good?
    Depends, to a degree, on who you ask. Author Michael Wolff has taken  material ranging from taped, on-the-record interviews to widely discussed gossip and presented them together as part of a narrative. When you consider that President Trump and Mr. Bannon are both fans of “alternative facts” and that Mr. Wolff seems willing to recreate dialog, it’s not surprising some critics view the book with some doubt. The New Yorker  (not New York magazine) presented a thoughtful analysis of the book online today.

    Check back later – there may be more tweets added in.



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