State of the Union Blogging Contest

Every time I teach Commentary and Blogging at UNK, I have a blogging competition or two.  This year, my students had the opportunity to do an instant blog post somehow related to the president’s 2018 State of the Union address.  While they were welcome to talk about the speech itself, they were also free to take any approach to the theme they wanted.

There are links to all the entries below.  After you’ve read as many as you like, you can vote for your favorites here. (It’s ranked voting, so you get to rank order your top three choices.):

  1. The State Of Our Union (according to women)
    Rachel Arehart
  2. State of Trump
    Katherine Coker
  3. The State of the Union: Spoiler: It’s not great
    Ashlee Glaser
  4. SOTU: Trump Gives Himself a Hand
    Edwin Hooper
  5. Standing in Solidarity
    Shelby Larsen
  6. Political Bingo: Themes from the SOTU
    Haley Pierce
  7. The best tweets from the 2018 SOTU
    JD Rader
  8. The State of the Union: My Take
    Stuart Wilke
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