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The Ghosts of Super Bowl Halftime Shows Past

I will confess that I was underwhelmed by Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show. ¬†Now I’ve never been much of a JT fan, so I didn’t come at the show with high expectations. And I will further admit that I … Continue reading

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Politics, Lady Gaga & the Super Bowl Halftime Show

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post that considered the intriguing, if extraordinarily unlikely, possibility of Lady Gaga singing a protest song by 60s & 70s folksinger Phil Ochs¬†during her Super Bowl halftime show. However much fun … Continue reading

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Real Radicals Part I – Lady Gaga & Phil Ochs

I had a strange journey through the wilds of the radical and protest movements of the 1960s and 70s this morning that I had not anticipated taking. Here’s part 1 of that journey; part 2 will come tomorrow. It all … Continue reading

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