The Bridges of Buffalo County

Earlier today, thanks to a post on an ADVRIDER discussion board (for people who go on motorcycle adventures…), I discovered the website  Bridge Hunter is a database of historic and notable bridges around the United States and is a great source of interesting places to go motorcycling when you’re looking to head out to no place in particular.

My ride today was about 90 miles and took me first to see the Mud Creek Bridge, which is a modern replacement for an old truss bridge.

Mud Creek Bridge, Imperial Rd.

There was only a hundred feet of gravel or so to this first bridge. So not the most exciting thing.

But the second was really cool — Cherry Creek Bridge was about 5 miles or so off the pavement, about 4 miles south and 7 miles east of Revenna.  And it was a really neat 1935 pony truss bridge.  Well worth the search:

Cherry Creek Bridge
Approximate Latitude/Longitude
N 40.96074
W 98.77921

From there, I rode several miles south and further east before connecting up with pavement for the ride home.

Exactly the kind of ride I was hoping for today. Planning on finding a lot more of these old bridges. Watch this space…

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