A Brief History of Accusations (and Consequences) of Sexual Misconduct by Media Figures

A brief history of recent accusations and consequences of sexual misconduct by media figures:

Consequences to Date: Fired by NBC

Consequences to Date: Rose dropped by CBS and show on PBS canceled.

Consequences to Date: Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media have severe all ties with Keillor. MPR canceled Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” show, ended rebroadcasts of Keillor’s decades of Prairie Home Companion radio show, and it will be renaming his old show (now hosted by musician Chris Thile) going forward.

Consequences to Date: Weinstein was fired from the company that bears his name. This also, in many ways, helped set off the recent “purge” of accused sexual harassers from news and media organizations across the United States this fall.

Consequences to Date: Fired from all positions associated with Warner Brothers Television, which produced the DC comics-inspired shows he was connected with.

Consequences to Date: Fired from Netflix series House of Cards; cut from Ridley Scott’s movie All the Money In the World with all of his scenes being reshot.

Consequences to Date:  Thrush has been suspended by the New York Times.

Consequences to Date: Franken is currently serving as a US senator from Minnesota.  He is facing investigation from the Senate Ethics Committee, which he has said he will cooperate with.

Consequences to Date: Halperin has been dropped as a contributor at MSNBC and NBC News, HBO has cancelled plans for a miniseries based on his book Game Change, and publisher Penguin Books has cancelled plans for an upcoming book.

Consequences to Date: Toback has denied the allegations against him, though his statements have been confusing.

Consequences to Date: Orestes resigned from NPR under pressure  .

Consequences to Date: fired by Vox after admitting to the misconductSteele was in the allegations against him.

Consequences to Date: O’Reilly had at least five settlements with women who charged he mistreated them. He also had a $32 million settlement with legal analyst Lis Wiehl.  After he was fired by Fox, conservative television station owner Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that it was not interested in hiring O’Reilly.

Consequences to Date: Ailes resigned from the network he founded, but remained in an advisory capacity with reportedly as much as $40 million in severance pay. Ailes died in May of 2017.

Consequences to Date:  denied all of the accusations against him, though he at one point acknowledgedTrump has that a tape obtained by the television show Access Hollywood on which he admitted to a range of crude behavior was real. He is currently serving as president of the United States.



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