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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

How does Apple feel about the court order requiring company to unlock iPhone? Hint: They don’t like it. Did the press do a good job of covering the pope’s remarks about Donald Trump? No, they did not.  In fact, many, … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

What’s going to happen now that Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox now owns National Geographic magazine? National Geographic magazine, long known for its serious presentation of complex scientific issues, is now owned by a climate change skeptic.  What could possibly … Continue reading

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Some great blogs from my students

This last week my blogging and commentary student Austin Koeller wrote a state editorial I was pretty happy with.  He argued that U.S. Senator Deb Fischer was betraying her conservative supporters in north central Nebraska by supporting construction of the … Continue reading

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Video Blogging Examples for my Commentary Students

My Blogging and Commentary students are hard at work right now on their video blogging assignments, so I thought I would put up some links to work by former students from this class and also just some fun examples I’ve … Continue reading

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Blogs From My Commentary Class

As I mentioned the other day, I’m teaching commentary and blogging this semester, and I’ve got an interesting group of students who will be commenting on just about everything over the semester.  Here are their blogs! Eric Nelson – nelsonej2’s … Continue reading

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25 Years of Opinion

Twenty-five years ago this week I started teaching college at Northern Arizona University.  Among the classes I taught that semester was Opinion Writing. Today, I’ll be starting in on a fresh section of that class, only now it’s called Commentary … Continue reading

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NY Times v. Guy Fieri – The News Value of a Brutal Review

You may have heard that last week New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells absolutely savaged Food Network host Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. The review, written entirely as a series of questions, suggests that … Continue reading

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Tumblr Blog Humanae Categorizes Skin Color as Pantone Codes

There is a fantastically cool Tumblr blog called Humanae that presents simple photos of people showing their skin (in a safe-for-work way) along with the Pantone code that describes the person’s skin color. (The background for each image also uses … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 1 – Who’s doing the communicating? Fox and CNN get health care decision wrong; everyone turns to blog for accurate news

Among my Seven Truths They Don’t Want You To Know About the Media is Truth #2 -There are no mainstream media (MSM).  Of course we have big and small media; however, we use all kinds of media and our old … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 10 – Zhao Jing: Blogging in China

Zhao Jing, who writes under the pen name “Michael Anti” was one of the first Chinese bloggers to come to world attention when Microsoft took his blog down from their servers following complaints from the Chinese government: Washington Post: Philip P. … Continue reading

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